Telegram, undiluted energetic communication

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? I immediately fell in love at first sight with the Welsh band Telegram. I discovered them during one of my long and nerdy afternoons looking for new music, lost in some record shop, checking name by name entire shelves of British alternative rock. I was in England, more precisely in a beautiful record shop called The Drift (Totnes, Devon) when, between an ale and a cream tea, I made first contact with the black cover of their debut record Operator; it was love at first sight! Telegram are, musically speaking, all that you can take from the seventies: shaved faces, long hair, leather jackets and pointed shoes. Do they perform ordinary indie songs? Maybe, but Telegram are influenced by a wide range of artists, and it’s literally impossible to label them. Telegram played in my town, Turin, on Thursday, 16th February. They kindly answered all my questions and, when I met them at Samo, they treated me like an old friend!

Your music is described in many ways: a mix of indie, shoegaze, proto-punk, kraut-rock, psychedelia…how can you describe your music?

Undiluted energetic communication.

Who are your favourite bands or artists? Which one was the most inspiring for you?

We each have our own personal favourites, but our mutual loves can be found in glam rock, 70’s New York punk, and the better side of the post-punk happening. Far too many names to mention.

This is not the first time that you are playing here. Do you like Italy? What do you think about the Italian audience?

We love Italy and Europe in general. The audiences are passionate and put the UK’s to shame. The UK has a lot to be ashamed of right now.

Your first record, Operator, was released about one year ago. After one year, are you satisfied with the sales and acclaim (both nationally and internationally)?

We’re never really satisfied. I think when you become satisfied, you stop striving to improve and develop, and that’s when it’s time to call it quits.

Are you currently working on some new material? Can you say something about it?

We’re conceiving our second musical child now. It’s going to be a more interesting, intelligent and beautiful version of its older sibling, who will become neglected and ultimately disowned.



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